Do you TV?

It’s crazy, I watch so little television anymore… anyone looking to kick the habit of watching too much of it should simply follow my lead and start doing shift work.

I mean, after working a year and a half each of a night and afternoon shift at Faurecia, and then nine months of a night shift here in London with Ceva, I’ve very much gotten out of the habit of watching TV. But it comes as a mixed blessing – shows I really love (The Simpsons, Without A Trace, Survivor) have gotten away from me, and shows I have an interest in seeing (24, Lost) go on without me.

And speaking of Survivor, last night I continued my recent tradition of watching only the finale. And wow, what a season it looked to be… I have to say, I love the fact that this group of women dominated so much at the end of the game, blindsiding person after person by surprise voting them off of the game, only to be shocked to find out that they had to vote out additional members of their clique. I mean, you all know how huge a fan of irony I am.

Anyway, I am looking for things to get into now that I’m working a day job. I want something I can enjoy and discuss with friends and the like. What do you think? What’s good out there?

Do you TV?

3 Responses to “Do you TV?”
  1. Jenny says:

    So I recently got back into tv, now that I live with dudes that will split the cable bill with me. I have the following shows programmed to record every week: The Hills, Gossip Girl, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy and 30 Rock. My roommates also introduced me to Man vs. Wild, which I totally can’t get enough of.

  2. Simon Tonekham says:

    I still watch some TV. My favourite shows are The Simpsons, Corner Gas, The IT Crowd, Robot Chicken and Happy Tree Friends.

    I can explain on what you are facing with, dude.

  3. ulyssesred says:


    I hate to say it, but TV has been my friend the past little while. But only a few shows, and I will watch repeat after repeat of them.
    Star Trek : Enterprise. I own 3 of the 4 seasons on DVD, I watch them while I work on the computer and will watch any episode when it comes on TV. My daughter loves the theme song.
    House. Have I mentioned that before?
    Criminal Minds. It was okay with Mandy Patinkin (sp?) but now that he is gone and Joe Mantegna (sp?) is on and that Thomas Gibson is more in the spotlight, it seems written a whole lot better. A better pace to it. It doesn’t seem as rushed.
    Other than that, no habits. But I would watch seven episodes of any of them in a given day, and even watch the same one twice in the same day. Lets me see the layers, you know?
    And yes, I’m fine, thank you for asking.

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