Tales from Tech Support.

So my story today is about this one elderly woman who called in, all flustered and upset; she had just had a technician visit, who installed everything, got her all set up and left. But she was crazy upset, practically crying because it wouldn’t take her password, it wouldn’t take her password…

Over and over again, she swore to me that she had an account, but it wouldn’t take her password. I assured her that I could help her, and that we’d get her problem fixed together, and she kept cutting me off, getting way ahead of me. “Well, what if I do this … when I open this, this happens … should I try to do this?” etc., and meanwhile I’m still just trying to get the basic information from her, start at the beginning.

It took everything I could do to get her to power down her modem, restart, and try to browse a web page. It was difficult to understand what she was saying, she was so distraught. All the tests I ran gave us green lights, so I tested her connection at a couple of pages, and everything was fine.

I told her we were all finished, and she practically freaked out on me… turns out she called cos she was trying to get into her online stock portfolio, and couldn’t sign in. It didn’t much help matters when I told her I wouldn’t help her with that…

One Response to “Tales from Tech Support.”
  1. Amber says:

    LOL! Damn Americans!!

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