“Well, fuck me…”

You wouldn’t believe the soap opera going on in the next apartment unless you were here. Every few days there seems to be this huge row, and all I can hear is stuff getting tossed around, doors slamming, people yelling at each other…

I don’t know anything about these people, they’re new neighbours… and I’m pretty sure they’ve only just moved in at the start of the month. There’s an older woman, I know that much – I found and returned her cat a couple of weekends ago. But beyond that, I think there’s a young daughter or two, boyfriends coming and going, I don’t know…

Anyway, at times the fighting and screaming erupts into the hall, so like an American perched in front of the Fox network I can see and hear some of the explosion that ensues. Things being tossed out into the hall, women chasing each other to get the last word, just… like, fuck.

Anyway, I don’t imagine these people will be living in the next apartment for very long. Although it’s almost a shame, it’s coincidentally entertaining to hear them over there screaming, “enough is enough!!”

2 Responses to ““Well, fuck me…””
  1. Bobby says:

    Hahahaha it’s still going! Like 30 minutes later! Something glass just got broken! Woo!!

  2. Rob Rinne says:

    Oh, dude, you can do so much better than that. Go all Hunter Thompson on them and grab a recorder or something and put it right to the wall so you can get it all and transcribe the best parts of it. THIS is why they invented tv. NO ONE fights like they should anymore ; bare-knuckled, drunk-assed, holler and screaming. The make up sex I could do without hearing from these to. But the lead up to it? That would be choice.

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