Worst Video Challenge.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about ways to connect with my friends online… I do my best with tools like Facebook to keep in touch with people, but it’s a bit difficult; now that I live in London, there are a lot of people that I’m simply not able to get together with as much as I’d like.

Anyway, I had this idea not too long ago to reach out to my online friends and truly get everyone’s opinions: votes for the worst ever song / music video.

See, if most people are like myself, it’s incredibly difficult for them to nail down a particular favourite song or music video – there’s simply too much to like. There are a lot of aspects about music that people can latch on to, and luckily for all of us, these are usually all positive things. So yeah, my thinking is that asking people to submit their favourites would be unecessarily complicated, and I don’t want something like indecision to keep people from taking part.

Conversely, though, everyone can generally pick out a song / video that they simply can’t stand, the one they think is the absolute worst. Again, the reasons why can really vary, but the list is usually much, much shorter.

So for this little project, I want you all reading this to go ahead and submit me a little note with your vote for the worst ever, and if you can put your finger on it, perhaps the reason why you think so. One stipulation, though: I’d really like to keep this exclusive to songs that have music videos, so we can post and share them with everyone.

I’m going to start a static page for this project, and I’ll post links to all the songs there. In addition, comments on this and the other page will be collected, too. Feel like taking part? Just follow the steps below.

Blogger friends: post your pick for the worst video on your blog, and give a link back to this post. I’ll include your pick on the project page with a link back to you.

Facebook friends: attach your pick to a wall post for me, or dedicate it to me in iLike, if you prefer. Your pick will also be included on the page with your name, if you so wish.

Random readers/visitors: leave me a comment on this entry, and I’ll track down the video for you. I’ll link to your page if possible to share the project with your site.

If you’re reading this now, I hope that you’ll take a moment to join in the challenge. I’m pretty curious to see what the outcome will be.

Nicole asked me in chat before, so I want to make it clear here that what I’m looking for here is unclear. By which I mean, it can be the song you think is worst, it’s not necessarily limited to the video or it’s production. Conversely, if you love the song but think the video is shit, that’s cool too. All I ask is that your submission be a song that definitely has a real music video. Beyond that, go nuts.

(View “Worst Video Challenge” page and see the results so far…)

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