Loch Ness Triangle.

I remember being nine years old and living in this townhouse in Scarborough… I was super into sports, loved playing music on whatever instruments I could find, expressing myself by drawing all the time, and reading about everything I could find.

I guess that I had gotten into stories of lore around then, cos I remember sometime around late fall, 1991, I asked my stepmother’s boyfriend about how to submit an article to the newspaper for publishing. He got a copy of the Toronto Star for me, and helped me find the editorial address within.

I drafted this weighty exposé, worked really hard on making it sound as professional as possible, and got it all ready to send to the papers. I had to get a stamp or two, and addressed an envelope as neatly as possible. Very satisfied with myself, I slid that letter into the mailbox and went home happy.

Although at the time I remember spending the next few days watching the headlines and waiting for the acclaim to roll in, I guess now looking back on it that the hypothesis I had submitted about the Loch Ness monster traveling back and forth from Scotland to the Bermuda Triangle to down airplanes seems a bit sketchy at best…

One Response to “Loch Ness Triangle.”
  1. Nicole says:

    That is adorable. We would have been such good friends as kids. Around the age of eight, I was convinced for about a week that robots had come and taken the place of my parents. No one would believe me! I didn’t think of sending my story to the Star though…

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