“One thing I’ve really gotten into eating lately is cottage cheese and Vegetable Thins. I do it like a chip/dip situation, which is quite good. It’s a little crazy, though…

“See, on principle, I refuse to buy the reduced-fat Vegetable Thins, cos I don’t think they taste as good. But then I go and buy the 1% cottage cheese cos it’s low in fat, and honestly, I could probably stand to take in less fat. So as a snack, I don’t know whether it’s good for me, or not, or if it matters… the conflict is quite frustrating, which stresses and drives me to eat, which doesn’t make anything better… it’s a terrible cycle.”

One Response to “Bobbyisms.”
  1. Bobby says:

    Or like, I’ll get Mini Wheats cos I think that they’ll be pretty good for me, but then I’ll eat the whole box in a sitting cos there’s milk left over in the bowl…

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