On format.

Thought I wasn’t going to write anything today, didn’t you?

Yeah, I didn’t do much today outside of sleep, so I don’t really have anything to share. Except a point I’ve been thinking on over the past little bit. It began partly when WordPress here announced that all WordPress.com authors would have an increase in their free storage space from 50 Mb to 3 Gb. Completely unexpected, but provided so in order to enable bloggers the opportunity to blog in truly rich media and never have to worry about space.

Also, I was reading that WordPress hosts all manner of file types, including mp3s, with the purchase of a simple space upgrade (which with the announcement went up to a minimum of 5 Gb). So it got me thinking, seeing as that was the amount of space I had on my own server, that I could simply move to WordPress and carry on as always, cancelling my server account with Yahoo! and saving approximately $100 per year.

Cos for the past year or so, all I’ve really been doing with my server was hosting files for use online, and on my blog. Hosting images and songs to share with my friends, that sort of thing. But now at a greatly reduced amount, a single yearly fee, I can have all the space and freedom with WordPress. So I’ve ended my service with Yahoo!, and there is no longer (for the time being, anyway) a Bobbyfoley.com.

And along with all of this is a simple struggle, one I’ve felt of late in amongst this challenge of publishing daily; since the majority of what I browse online is music, and it’s the most abundant topic from which I have information and/or media to share, there has been some temptation on my part to convert to the format of a music blog.

I highly doubt that that’s the path I’m going to follow (I simply don’t think I would have all that much new or different to say). So I will continue along the lines I’ve been writing, I’ll simply endeavour more to share more non-music related stories and the like, in order to round it out a bit more. Fair warning, though, the music isn’t going to stop.

Anyway, that’s really all I have for now, a few points I’ve been thinking on. Reading it back, it doesn’t exactly flow in the most logical of senses, but it’s something. I’ll come back at you tomorrow.

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2 Responses to “On format.”
  1. Bobby says:

    Oh, I meant to say – as a result of canceling my server account, a lot of older entries here are going to be missing images or audio files, as they used to be hosted on bobbyfoley.com.

    I’ll correct the issues as I can, slowly but surely over time; a lot of those images are just lost, deleted even off of my computer.

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