Pretty. Odd.

Panic At The Disco’s new album Pretty. Odd. is set to hit stores for March 25th. In the meantime, label FueledByRamen is featuring some behind-the-scenes looks at various stages of making the record.

It’s reported of late that the long delay for the new album by the Vegas natives is that they’ve been in studios forever, honing down what they want the album to sound like. Evidently, they scrapped a whole album’s worth of material back in July due to the fact “it sounded like a musical,” according to guitarist/songwriter Ryan Ross. “They were the wrong songs for this record.”

Word has it that they’re looking to shake the bubble-gum pop image slightly and work on something a little more mature, but I personally hope they don’t stray too far from the delicious burlesque sound that I enjoyed so much on their last album (and particularly on the songs toward the end). All the same, looking forward to it.

And Ps. the song in the background of the video above is their latest single, and the first from their forthcoming disc, “Nine In The Afternoon”, and you can hear it in its entirety at the band’s Purevolume profile.

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