Painting: a live-blogging experience.

I came to Chatham this weekend between my regular visits to assist in painting Erica’s room; filled to capacity with toys and (since her birthday and Christmas) everything that Disney could conceivably brand Princesses on, it’s always been a cute room. It’s just that the walls were a bare off-white and in need of a little colour. So here I am, and off we go.

Trim, doorframes, closet doors (last night)

6:00 pm: Taping off the carpet so we can paint the trim and baseboards.

6:15 pm: Painting the baseboards. We’re using this off-white supplied by the landlord.

7:00 pm: Still painting. Going to do the back of the bedroom door and the closet doors in the same colour as well.

7:30 pm: Closet doors. Hoo boy.

8:00 pm: Finished. Waiting to do the second coat.

9:30 pm: Doing the second coat.

11:00 pm: Done the second coat.

Bedroom walls (for today)

12:00 pm: Under way. We have this very light, Robin’s Egg-like blue for the walls. Mandy chose it to offset the fact that everything in the room is Princess pink – there are shades of blue in Erica’s Princess comforter.

12:05 pm: Painting.

12:30 pm: Still painting. I’m using a roller. Not that I wasn’t before, but I am.

1:30 pm: Still painting. I didn’t mention that I’ve finished a couple of walls, but I have, it’s not like I’ve been doing the same one all this time.

3:00 pm: Starting the second coat. Painting sucks.

4:15 pm: Seriously, I don’t much like painting. I think I like it less than helping people move… I’d probably prefer helping Erica move into a room that is already painted.

4:45 pm: Thought of something to say, but by the time I got here to write it, I’d forgotten already. Sorry.

5:00 pm: Finished. Now I need a shower.

6:15 pm: Showered, and ate some toast.

8:30 pm: What do you mean, we’re probably going to have to do some touch-ups in the morning??

10:15 pm: Yeah, perhaps painting isn’t the most interesting thing to do this about. Guess I’ll know for next time, it’s about as interesting as watching pai- hey, I guess that’s where that saying comes from!


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