For Likalia.

John Mayer – Gravity, live at Live Earth in New York, July 2007.

Seems not to long ago I recommended some music that made my friend Aimee feel a bit old. I know that a lot of the time, I tend to listen to – and share – music that’s more upbeat and leaning towards pop and emo and the like, but the truth is that I like most every kind of music or artist out there.

So I was riding the train to Chatham today, and really got into listening to Village Sessions, this acoustic EP that John Mayer released last year, and it got me thinking about watching him on Live Earth, that huge concert that went down on July 7th. I’d searched and searched and couldn’t find any videos that I could post and share, but here it is.

So consider this a bit of a vow to share some more types of music, cos I’d love for everyone to stop by and chat about new tunes and artists with me. Music is my life, in so many ways, and I don’t think I do this but for any reason to share some of myself.

2 Responses to “For Likalia.”
  1. Likalia says:

    Don’t worry hun I feel old all the time, since I’ve been about 12 actually, let’s pretend I just have an old soul. ;)

    I’ll still keep checking out the pop/emo stuff you post, cause any new music is great in my opinion, but feel free to branch out into more types of music (the more the merrier right?).

    btw – Watched 3:10 to Yuma last night, really enjoyed it.

  2. Bobby says:

    Yeah, it’ll be cool, I think the thing about it is that I’m always checking out new music, always looking into new sites and radios and all the rest, I just very often don’t post about stuff unless it gives me a big rush. And hence, a lot of upbeat stuff.

    But yeah, music is fluid and incredible, and there’s never enough of it around, so I’ll widen the spectrum here just a bit. It’ll be fun.

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