Feels so good.

With a gift card for iTunes I received for Christmas, I invested in the latest album by Franklin, Tn., rock outfit Paramore, called Riot!. Led by 19 year-old Hayley Williams, this band has received (unfair) comparisons to acts ranging from Avril Lavigne to labelmates Fall Out Boy. Personally, though, I think that the band is pretty fresh, its members pretty talented, and worth a look.

They first came to my attention a few summers ago as a part of a sampler collection available by Fueled By Ramen Records (along with The Hush Sound, Panic! At The Disco, Forgive Durden and the like).

Misery Business, acoustic

Lately, thanks to Last.fm Radio, I’ve been catching more and more of their music by listening to similar artists, so I investigated them a bit on the Intertubes. For example, if you visit their profile on Purevolume, you can listen to a sampler containing roughly a full minute from each song on the album.

Crushcrushcrush (latest single)

The real decision maker came when I found that Riot! is included in iTunes big Boxing Day sale, marked down a couple of dollars for (one presumes) a limited time. My advice? Have a look at a cool young rock band.

3 Responses to “Feels so good.”
  1. Simon Tonekham says:

    Paramore is my favourite band. I was able to get up for grabs both of their CDs, RIOT! (the latest one) and their very first one, “All we know is falling”. I have yet to add these to my iPod collection (I have to insert the CD in my computer and rip of from the CD) and download to my ‘Pod.

    It seems that you update your blog almost frequently. Cheers.

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