What filters can I apply to the world when I’m bored standing in a line?

Originally: “The creator of xkcd plans fight scenes. An old classmate imagined everyone (EVERYONE) naked. I sometimes give people backstories. What do you do? (Reblog this or comment.)” — Nick Douglas

“I don’t do anything like that, but I always make sure to scan the faces (quickly, but very deliberately) of everyone in each new environment I enter. I usually look for any distinguishing / interesting features, but usually just get a confirmation of how boring most people look.” — Slava, via Tumblr

I was incredibly stumped by this, until I realized that I couldn’t come up with an answer because I don’t allow for much silence. I see the boredom as a challenge, not only to amuse or sustain myself, but also those around me; on a train, I’ll strike up a conversation with my seatmate, perhaps by guessing what’s on their iPod.

I think typically in a line I’ll start to talk softly to myself, making a sort of commentary on the people holding up the rest of us, like an imagined conversation between the teller and the patron, for example. “No, not today, I don’t think I am interested in opening a- I’m sorry, how many percent? For real? Tell me some more about that…”

I don’t attempt really to broadcast it, but it’s a way to have a laugh with some of the others suffering of the same monotony as myself. I seek out connections.

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