On ‘Bobbyisms.’

Don’t ask me what brought me to poke around my blog’s Dashboard today; I suppose it has a lot to do with boredom, but I was checking things out here and there, and came across two things that… well, made me feel something that’s like a cross between amusement and delight. I can’t think of the word, if there even is one… so… I’m going to call it yimmy.

I felt pretty yimmy today upon learning that:

  1. My friend Simon’s blog is listed as #6 on the list of fastest growing blogs on WordPress.com.

  2. People have been finding my blog by searching for the term ‘bobbyisms’.

A quick google search on the term led me to find a handful of other blogs and forums on which the term was used. And I think this amused (yimmied) me as much as it did cos it’s definitely not something I ever thought would be… anything. I mean, it’s not like I thought I invented the term (although it appears I’m the only one using it lately), but I had no idea there could be so many variations on a theme already on the Intertubes.

Definitively, the term bobbyisms would seem to have a few different applications, denoting amusing miscommunications and errors in speech, fondly remembering loved ones who had a handful of particular catchphrases, and here, where I use it to share paricularly random bits of conversations I have, made more random and/or awkward by removing them from all context.

Anyway, I suppose you learn something every day. Tomorrow I’m going to do some reading to see if I can finally find where the clitoris is.

2 Responses to “On ‘Bobbyisms.’”
  1. Simon Tonekham says:

    Hey man,
    thanks for mentioning me and my blog. I deserved high marks for that blog. There’s little criticism about my blog. One user from America bereaved me from leaving livejournal and going into WordPress. I don’t care about that thesedays, I want to go into a new direction.


  2. Bobby says:

    Sure thing, dude. Cos everyone knows how cool Livejournal is…

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