Oh, how I’ve been teething…

I’ve recently gotten very into this band called The Receiving End Of Sirens, pretty fresh out of Boston, Massachusetts. They’ve only recently released their second album, The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi, and are currently touring through Europe and Australia.

The most of my personal experience with them comes through their first album, however, called Between The Heart And The Synapse, and I can tell you that it’s absolutely brilliant. They have a very creative and mostly unique sound (as far as the concept applies to rock bands), and to place them somewhere on the spectrum would be very difficult, however I think that saying they represent a fair cross between 30 Seconds To Mars and Brand New would be somewhat apt.

The album is a fantastic offering, with a great application of refraining that I very much enjoy and hails reminiscent of Boys Night Out‘s Trainwreck album – a couple of lines of verse sung in different ways on different tracks throughout the record remind the listener of an underlying theme, a score of frustration and lament. And I don’t know how much you know about me, but those are two concepts that melt my bleeding emo core.

Enjoy these two videos, the two strongest singles off of their debut record (for those interested, the refrains featured throughout the record are marked in blue). For more on the band, and to hear tracks from both records and more, check out their profile on Purevolume.

Oh, and Jared Leto, if you’re reading this, you’re welcome for the compliment. In all seriousness, though, you could actually learn a lot about vocals and songwriting from this band…

The Receiving End Of Sirens – This Armistice
(alternate link, thanks to AOL Video)

“Check my vitals – the truth is vile, but vital to this cause
I’ve been held hostage; A captive of this passive shell
Give me gravity, give me clarity, give me something to rely on…
We’re all puppets, we’re all marionettes.

Oh, how I’ve been teething, in light of your misleading;
You caused this collapse between the heart and the synapse.

The Receiving End Of Sirens – Planning A Prison Break

“Warden’s calling for a lockdown, baby, he’ll call on interim inequities
This is the last night in my body, so assist in the escape…
Warden’s calling on a jailbreak, baby, and he’ll fly like only a jailbird could
He’ll fly like only a jailbird could.

Somehow, for now, this skin will have to do;
This is the last night in my body, yeah…


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