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The Starting Line – Island

I’m currently in Chatham, hanging with my family and taking a breather from watching Disney movies to connect with the outside world again, if only for a few moments. There’s a ton of stuff going on with me lately, a ton of changes in my life, and a ton of projects and things to tell you about… and, well, I’ve been in a bit of a bad way of late, but I actually think that I’m getting to the point where I want to talk again, want to be open again and share.

Anyway, I’ve been keeping as much a finger on the pulse on music of late as ever, and the past little while has seen a lot of activity on the music scene. Of late, bands of all stature and genres have been changing and releasing new music left and right, and one among them is The Starting Line, whose latest release – Direction – I just purchased a couple of weeks ago.

I haven’t given it the full listen it deserves, so don’t expect a fully insightful review, but at first glance, this record smacks of the sort of writing talent and maturity of an age-seasoned group. The Starting Line have been somewhat cheated of their chance, the latest issue of Alternative Press reveals – after their 2005 release on their previous record, the label sort of dropped the ball on promotion and exiled the group into a sort of musical limbo. Now having returned on a new label, The Starting Line are armed with an impressive album, one that fits intuitively into the new punk sound with ease. This record is a great example of 2007’s trend of emo bands evolving into pop prodigies.

In other music news, a favourite of mine The Junior Varsity have dissolved, following a situation in which the lead singer decided to leave the band for other endeavours. I’ll mention more on this later, I don’t remember anyone’s names or their new bands…

Also, Marianas Trench have wrapped up their recent cross-country tour back in British Columbia, and have retired themselves to their respective homes/reveries to write their sophomore album, due to be recorded over the winter. They’ve achieved some incredible notoriety here in Canada with their debut record, Fix Me, and particularly the popularity of their single Shaketramp climbing the Muchmusic charts. Little doubt we’re all looking very forward to seeing them again come Spring.

Keep your ears open, there’s always more to come.


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