Cribbing it up.

Aharon and I are trying to quit smoking. That’s the first bit. What you should probably also know is that it’s hard not to smoke at work; at break time, everyone (but everyone) goes outside and lights up a couple of times, engaging in conversation or games of Euchre or whatnot.

Point of fact, this place actually destroyed my nice effort to quit when I started working there; I had gone some weeks without smoking and was feeling alright, but to be social and hang out with everyone basically means to smoke, cos it’s the next thing to impossible not to out there. I’m actually really starting to crave one thinking about it…

So anyway, back to the beginning: Aharon and I are trying to quit. Being clever like we are, we’ve realized that any success in this endeavour means that we’ll have to avoid going outside, and hence, we’ve begun to play Cribbage inside over our breaks instead. Yes, that’s the second bit.

I went around to Yahoo! Games to learn how to play, and admit I’m still not great about the rules, but with a couple of shifts’ worth behind me, we’ve begun to play for money. Essentially, a dime for every point the difference between the winning and losing score, to be paid out on Aharon’s 30th birthday. I agreed to the terms, thinking that the next two years (23 months, specifically) would probably allow me enough time to save up slowly the money I was sure to lose to him.

The first game saw me win by a margin of forty cents. It was a surprise.

Bobby: I think it’d be great if the next two years basically just saw an epic battle for the forty cents.

Aharon: I think it’d be hilarious for one person to be down $100 by the July, and then only have 24 days to make it up… calling the other person at 2:00 am, “you want to play some Cribbage??”

The second match saw me extend the lead to a whopping $3.20. Needless to say, I’ll be keeping you all closely up to speed. The next 23 months are going to be intense – it’s gut-check time.


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