Today, in London towne.

It ordinarily wouldn’t take me a whole week to write about my time with my daughter, but this week has been an interesting one, to say the least. Nicole and I packed a lunch and went to Chatham last Sunday, the plan being to pick Erica up and take her for a day at Kingston Park, a large park with picnic areas and lots of playground equipment.

Unfortunately, last weekend saw the start of some most unseasonable rain, the likes of which that make driving slow and playing in the park all but impossible. So a last minute change of plans had us driving back to London to take Erica to the Children’s Museum for the day. We enjoyed the picnic on the way, and had a fun time singing along to the radio with Erica on the way. It’s quite funny, she know the words to every Avril Lavigne song there is…

We arrived and had a quick spot more to eat before entering, and then made our way in and upstairs to the museum’s Street Where You Live exhibit – about one half of the second floor is devoted to it, and decorated to look like a neighbourhood. Little ‘buildings’ have been constructed all over, and there are items within each that lend to the imagination; the little McDonald’s has menus and tills, the ValuMart has President’s Choice products and a grocery belt, the GoodLife gym has an exercise bike, etc.

We played for some time in the grocery store, Erica and I shopping for the food and dishes. After a while, she made a game out of carefully pouring a plastic strawberry from a cup to a saucer, trying hard not to drop it in between. With a little coaxing, she began to speak about it, too, declaring either, “I poured the strawberry from the plate into the cup,” or “I poured the strawberry from the cup onto the plate.” She’s so very much better at speaking these days, it’s fantastic.

We went upstairs to the top floor, and had a good time sliding down a large yellow slide in an area made to look like a common backyard/garden. We sampled a handful of exhibits, dealing with things like food and how it grows to outer space and rockets. And then after a nice snack we went and spent time in the special Robert Munsch exhibit, full of words and sounds and pictures from several books that she has at home.

As the dinner hour wore on, however, we returned to my apartment to have a healthier meal than resorting to a fast food restaurant. I’ve sort of been taking her to places like McDonald’s too much on my visits with her, which is why the dinner at home and the picnic lunch we packed were comprised mainly of very healthy things to eat. And after some dinner, desert, and an episode of Dora The Explorer, she and I made our trip back home to Chatham, where I dropped her off and returned to go to work for the night.

There are many more photos taken, and I’ve uploaded them into an album I have in Facebook featuring photos from many of my visits with her. You can see that album full of photos with this link or by clicking on any of the photos in this post. My thanks go to Nicole for the trip and taking so many great photos.

Ps and Erica, if you get to see this, I’m putting up the song I sang to you off of the radio here, I hope you recognize it and like it. I miss you.

The Plain White T’s – Hey There, Delilah


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