Toujours, to do, to do some more…

Hello, all. In the morning I’m going to the dentist to have one (or possibly more) of my wisdom tooth (or possibly teeth) removed. Naturally, this concerns me, but I shall bravely go forth as always; I simply wanted to take a quick moment now to impart some wisdom, in case tomorrow comes and I’m no longer able to.

Okay, so it’s not actually wisdom — I’m just going to rant about a bit. There may be trace amounts of wisdom in there, though, so watch for it.

Toby who?

So it would seem that my friends Slava, Vlad and I are escaping to breathtaking Tobermory this weekend. Tobermory is a little town in northern Ontario, known for its scenery and favourable waters for freediving and SCUBA enthusiasts. Also, there’s lots and lots of space, so it’s doubtful anyone will see me wearing my water-wings and clinging to whatever watercraft for fear of drowning…

So be sure to check out my Flickr gallery shortly for all those photos. I’m talking hiking, swimming, uh, drinking… sleeping… probably eating, running from wildlife that may or may not include bears… good times.

“You can’t buy publicity like this. Well, actually, you can. And my rates? Very attractive…”

Poor, poor readers. You know I’d love to take each and every one of you with me, but unfortunately it won’t be possible. However, if you aren’t terribly busy this Saturday afternoon, I implore you to make your way to the Bloor Cinema to check out my friend Dave’s film Disfingered.

Dave McGrath is the director of Disfingered, a mystery/thriller in which an office worker loses a finger every time he falls asleep. How about reading the official synopsis?

In this short mystery/ thriller an office worker wakes after a night of drinking to find his pinky finger missing. A twisted mystery begins to unfold when a new finger continues to go missing each time he goes to sleep. With no memory of how or what is happening he desperately tries to put a finger on the answer before he runs out of them.

Disfingered won an award this past weekend at the Young Cuts Film Festival in Montreal, and is going to be featured this Saturday afternoon with a few other short films from 2:00–4:00 pm in the afternoon. I would go and lead you all, but then I wouldn’t be in Tobermory, and that’s not as good. For me.

Please, watch the Disfingered trailer at the Young Cuts’ Disfingered page, and check out the official website when you get a chance. Designed by Slava Sakhnenko. I just felt I should add that.

Kickass lyric of the day

She said, “Space is not just a place for stars — I gave you an inch, you want a house with a yard.” And I know she loved me once, but those days are gone. She used to call me everyday from a pay phone on her break for lunch – just to say she can’t wait to come home. The last time that I saw her she was picking through which records were hers…
The Good Life, “Album Of The Year”

7 Responses to “Dis-tober-finger-moried.”
  1. Jenny says:

    Hey, enjoy having your wisdom teeth taken out, it was a great week for me. The drugs made sure I felt wonderful and my family waited on me hand and foot. Milk it.

  2. Threee says:

    Damn, I recently had my wisdom teeth removed… not fun! I had to get mine surgically removed, not sure on your situation, but good luck.

  3. Bobby says:

    Thanks, guys. I wish I had blogged about this sooner, cos then I would’ve made arrangements to take it easier longer. As it is, I only took one day off of work. But it only turned out to be one tooth, so I’m not in terrible pain or anything.

    And yeah, Eugene, they had to do it surgically, cos the tooth was pointed at the others, as opposed to straight up (so only a very small bit had surfaced).

    I think the dentist actually sawed it into a couple of pieces, then removed those. I didn’t have a mirror with which to watch, but there’s no mistaking that sound. Or the smell of burning.

  4. Paul says:

    Hi Bobby,

    Today I heard this song which caught my attention.
    Now I’m curious to find out who it is and what the songtitle is. The problem is, I only have this one line:
    “Toujours, to do, to do some more…”
    And the only lead is towards your blog.. so you’re my only hope. Do you know it and can you help me?
    Much obliged,
    (The Netherlands)

  5. Rick says:

    I’d love to know the name of that song too! Please help…

  6. Paulo says:

    The song is called “Tout doucement” and it is from Feist. By the way, she is not saying “to do” but instead “tout doux, tout doux, tout doucement”.

    Take care,
    (Portugal rules)

    • Bobby says:

      Correct. Thankfully, I replied to them in an email already, and it was recorded long before Leslie Feist came along, but now at least no one will be left wondering.

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