One Dark Genius.

Bravo, Bravo.

I was watching television a short while ago, and happened to catch the last few minutes of Bravo’s Arts & Minds, a weekly arts program. Featured was one Kyle Cooper, a revolutionary in the field of design, particularly for feature film.

Inspired by title sequence designers of movies long ago, Kyle Cooper went into design, specializing in producing title sequences to feature films. And believe me, you’ve seen his work — Kyle Cooper produced sequences for Se7en, Mission: Impossible, Arlington Road, Dawn Of The Dead, Twister, Spider-man parts 1 and 2 (and probably 3 as well), The Mummy, and more. To date, he has provided the opening to well over 150 movies, video games, and commercials.

Which is the funny thing — this piece on Arts & Minds was so revealing that it blew my mind. Essentially speaking, Kyle Cooper is responsible for producing the title sequence to every single movie for which I’ve ever loved the opening credits. Not only that, but also a fair percentage of commercials and identity throws for television as well.

He is also the man responsible for starting up two of the hottest film design firms in North America. Imaginary Forces, his first company, based out of New York and Los Angeles, and Prologue Films. Both of which have amazing demo reels you can view, by the way, and I highly recommend it.

To finish, here’s a cool article I found online that sums him up nicely – an older Wired Magazine spot from June 2004.

As a filmmaker, Cooper is all about precision. When you’re doing a two-minute movie, being obsessive about every cut, every transition, and every manipulation of every letter is a job requirement. But so is letting go, something Cooper has a tough time with. When he was 14, he spent seven weeks etching the texture of a dragon’s body — from its jagged teeth to the individual hairs on its back — with a pin onto a metal plate.

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